Explainer and Product / Service Information Videos


Explainer Videos

An Explainer Video is usually a 1-3 minute video used to introduce a new company or their new product or service.  It explains what problem the product or service is trying to solve, and why the viewer should want to use this.  Sometimes, these videos are even distributed before the product is fully formed.  It is used to pique the viewer’s interest, and be informative and clear without taking up too much time.  They are often placed on a landing page, your company website’s home page, or a prominent product page, and have become extremely popular recently. Recent research shows that many businesses have conversion rates (the act of converting site visitors into paying customers) increasing by as much as 144% after including an Explainer Video on their website.

Explainer Videos have more benefits as well, such as:

       Improving SEO search rankings with video content (70% of top 100 search listings include video)
       Keeping viewers on your page for 2X longer
       Getting the word out about your company's product or service (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter)
       Repurposing for various needs such as an investor pitch, an email signature, among other uses

Product / Service Information Videos

A HydraVideo Product / Service Information Video is shown at a company's place of business and can be even longer in duration than an Explainer Video, running anywhere from 90 seconds to upwards of 6 plus minutes.  Because of this, they are often times more in-depth and can relay an even greater amount of information to customers than Explainer Videos seen on the Web or traditional Web and TV Commercials.  Although Explainer Videos and Product / Service Information Videos can be used interchangeably between Web and non-Web environments,  Product / Service Information Videos usually run longer in duration and often times promote multiple and already exsiting or long-standing products or services in more detail as opposed to Explainer Videos which typically promote one aspect of something brand new or forthcoming.

Product / Service Information Videos are typically displayed looping continuously at a company's place of business on a television screen or large LCD monitor in waiting rooms, lobbies, showrooms, trade shows, various events, or anywhere else that existing or potential customers congregate.  HydraVideo Explainer and Product / Service Information Videos will allow your business to further entise, educate, and entertain existing or potential customers by highlighting both new or flagship products and services.

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