Video Production

When it comes to communication, there are few mediums more powerful than video.  Video drives more sales and builds rapport, trust, and an emotional connection with your audience.  Due to its engaging nature, video is even now the most shared type of content on Twitter! Video is especially powerful in a business context and lets companies market their products concisely and express their brand identities in a rich way.  There’s plenty of data showing that people will spend more time on your web page if you have video.  Video is also a good way of getting people to visit your website and maintaining consistent traffic.

HydraVideo will meet with a client one-on-one and discuss their vision and specific goals before developing a script or treatment (and sometimes a storyboard), and agree on a production cost, schedule, and delivery date. The time and scale of a Video Production can vary greatly.  Some videos may use only minimal crew and basic equipment, while some large scale videos may have a higher level of involvement and complexity in regards to the Production and Post-production process.

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