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HydraVideo is located in Somers, CT which is a prime location to service Connecticut, Massachussetts, and other parts of Southern New England. We are a team of production graduates with a wide array of media and marketing backgrounds ranging from Television to Radio to full length Motion Pictures. We also have an extensive background and expertise is the areas of Graphic / Logo Design and Web Design.

Our Company specializes in web advertisements and broadcast-quality television commercials for small, medium, and large businesses. We specialize in sales/marketing and streaming internet video productions that will deliver the most effective message to our clients' audiences.

We offer a wide array of creative video solutions to custom fit your needs. These include but are not limited to:  

Web and TV Commercials
Explainer and Product / Service Information Videos
Corporate Videos
Personalized Videos
Web Video Clips and Viral Videos
Web Design
Graphic and Logo Design


The HydraVideo Difference

"Professional Quality Meets Affordability"

What makes HydraVideo different from the competition? We offer a rare blend of old-school reliability and integrity combined with the cutting knowledge of techniques, equipment, and softwares to give you the best possible product. Our Pioneering and Innovative approach to Video Production and other forms of Media is second to none -- all at a price you can afford!

Our goal is simple: to create the most effective, creative, and cutting edge videos possible. In short, our expertise lies in making it our business to understand your business. HydraVideo Solutions will sit down and get to know its customer and find out their exact needs. To get results, you need to send the right message. That means customizing your video with the right selection of information, humor, and/or dramatization through careful selection of actors and script dialogue. We work with a small crew for a more personal experience. Also, less crew equals less money, so this is one of the ways we pass the savings on to you. Friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient, HydraVideo offers a relaxed shooting environment with maximum results. This specialized, streamlined process creates a natural response from participants and the best possible product for your budget.

Not Just Video

HydraVideo Creative Media Services has you covered across the board, from start to finish, with much more than just Video. Here's a list of what else we offer:

Web Design
Graphic Design for Posters, Fliers and Advertising
Logo Design (Vectorized)
Business Card Design
2D/3D Animation Graphics and Text (Vectorized)
Radio Adds / Voice-overs (Vocals and Audio Only - No Video)
Audio Restoration
Royalty Free Music Scores and Sound Effects
Custom Jingles
Still Photography
Animated GIFs and PNGs
Digitization and Restoration of VHS tapes, 8mm, and 16 mm,
and Much, Much More!

The 3 Stages of Video Production

1) Pre-production Stage: The Pre-production Stage involves concept development, script writing, site surveying and storyboarding. The budget will also be agreed upon at this stage between Hydravideo and the client.

2) Production Stage: The Production Stage is the location filming with a director, camera man, lighting crew, makeup and wardrobe artist, and script supervisor.  It may also include other elements, such as speaking or non-speaking actors, presenters, or the owner and/or face of the company.

3) Post Production/Editing Stage: The Post-production or "Video Editing" Stage is where the filmed (live action) footage is edited together. This may also include recording an audio voice-over, adding graphics, adding or composing a music score or soundtrack, color-correction, and including 2D/3D animation sequences with the finished video.

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